Wednesday, August 7, 2013

ten months and the nine month post that never was... {liam}

My sweet baby boy,
 9 months have already come and gone and had I had it together, I would have taken your picture at exactly 9 months, except I didn't.
We've been in our new home for just over a month and it's strange to think that you'll never know the home that we brought you to after the hospital. 
Be glad that you get to be you, the happy-go-lucky, easy going little man that you are while your daddy and I continue to unpack the chaos and work on DIY projects that will last for what seems like eternity!

 And so, before the details slip away as they often do, I continue with my high hopes that I will give you a printed baby book (The old fashioned ones are still important to me! You know, the ones where you actually print a photo and gasp...write with a pen?). 

Your nine month appointment had you weighing in at a whopping 24 pounds (96th percentile).
 24 pounds! Twenty-four. Yep, you read that right!
24 pounds Mister. What else can I say? Your 2 1/2 year old sister (who is a tiny little thing) is 25 pounds and you are both in a size 4 diaper (well one of you is since Tatum is on her way to being potty trained-hooray!). I can only wonder what the scales will tip to at a year! You are 29 inches (86th percentile) and growing before our eyes.
At 9 months you had not a single tooth and to further that report at 10 months, still nothing.
That doesn't stop you from eating, and eating, and eating all the table food that I've been throwing your way these past few days. 
At 9 months you perfected the army crawl and at 10 have begun to do a few real strides on all fours.
You are very proud to show us your "so big" arms, and that you are my love, that you are.
You love music, giggle at and cuddle with your stuffed alligator, shake your head "no" and we think we hear you saying "dada". You've got the "mmmm" when you eat good food down, and I'm waiting for the second half when you say mama. You are pulling yourself to stand in your crib when you wake each morning and when I ask you for a kiss, you lean forward and know just what to do! 
 Your name might have been one of the most popular when you were born and in the past I would have not picked one that was, but you are a Liam through and through to me.
What a love you are, a joy in our lives, thank you for blessing us with your kind and gentle spirit.
Much Love Always,

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  1. Love the photos! Liam you are so adorable! Can't you stay this way forever!?Nonna loves you soooo much!


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