Friday, August 30, 2013

Back to School, Take Your Time

It's official. I blinked. They blinked. Summer was over and school started.
Tatum went to four days of the summer session of preschool and her first "real" day of school is next week. She is having a hard time, but getting better each day! Liam is officially 11 months old today as I write in the wee hours of the morning. It's official alright, I'm a mama to an almost one year old, a brand new preschooler and you two...
a Kindergarten girl and a Second grade boy!
I wish that I could say that over the summer I was able to fully move us in and get everything settled, but I'm still unpacking a few boxes and still trying to sort through the junk that I should have thrown away before we moved. Your daddy is working away in his fully finished garage (I need to take progress pictures before he's actually done!) because as he says, "the garage is the heart of the home". Whaaaat?
I feel the morning rush, though I'm trying to be better about getting up earlier and being prepared! "Take your time!", Anna so wisely says.
 The night before school started, I found Kieran sneaking the ipad in the darkness. I was quick to get angry, upset with myself for doing so, especially after he came running into my arms and said, "I'm sorry, Mommy! It's just that I'm scared for second grade!" "Oh, Kieran!", my heart sinking inside. "I am the one who is sorry, I wasn't thinking and now I see that you were trying to settle your mind!" Clearly, I forgot to put on my school counselor hat and was in "do this, do that" parent mode.
We sat, we talked, we cuddled.
"It will be okay", I told him. "You will be great!"

And it was, he was.
Kieran's teacher is on maternity leave, so he has a long-term substitute until late October. My sweet, loving boy hugged his teacher knowing that she is only with him for a short stay. Kieran, may you never lose the love you have for others, even when you've never met them. This is a quality that not a lot of people have and so many should. 

Anna waited patiently with her big brother to wish him a great first day of second grade. 
Then, a quick moment to remember the two of us on this day, 
 her first day of Kindergarten.
This day meant so much to her and even more so because I was able to stay the day with all of the other parents that stay with their children on the first day. I cannot even put into words the excitement and wonder that she had anticipating her first day, a day that I am so glad that I did not miss!
Anna's teacher rolled out the red carpet for her students,

took their movie star pictures,
 and gave hugs to every student like they were her own.
 This is one happy girl!
And so, before I blink and blink again, my loves, my prayer is that I will take my time for you, be there for you, and love you the way that you need.
I will slow down, I will just be.
I can't get these years back, so I'll enjoy them in the moment.
May Kindergarten and Second grade be a wonderful step in your long journey.
I love you both and by the way...
take your time!


  1. What a wonderful way to start K! Awesome memories to share!
    Stopping by from SITS!

  2. Oh Kristin! As usual I am in tears at your insights and things that you share! You are so amazing to me. Kieran and Anna are so lucky to have a Mama like you! I was so excited to see that you were able to be there on their first day! I told could do it! I am so happy that you decided that it was o.k. to go! I loved the picture of Kieran hugging his teacher! That is the Kieran I know and love! And of course my wild, crazy sweet Anna looks so happy and I am so happy for her. What a cool kindergarten! Happy first day of school! And I love taking my time!


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