Tuesday, March 26, 2013

and just like that {seven}

Seven years ago, right about now, I had eaten a piece of preggo pizza. 
I had had a glass of rootbeer.
I was waiting.
Seven years ago, I woke up in the wee hours of the morning to broken waters that signaled your impending arrival.
I'm typically able to write with ease, the words fly out of my mind and through my fingertips.
Tonight, I find it a struggle and the words don't come as quickly as I request.
I am overcome with emotion, filled with unimaginable love and joy for all you have given me.
I only hope and pray that I have given you the same.
 I am thankful that God gave you to me and your daddy.
You are the best big brother that any sibling could ask for.
I cherish you with all that I am.
March 27, 2006, the world became a better place.
And just like that my sweet boy, you've turned seven.
May all of your hopes, wishes and dreams...

come true!

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  1. He is 7! Oh my sweet Kieran! I love you so much! Happy Birthday my sweet baby!


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