Wednesday, June 13, 2012 april

Dear Anna,
You turned April! So sorry it's taken me this long to get to your birthday post. I really wasn't writing a lot just so you know. I was feeling very sick being pregnant with your baby brother from weeks 6 to 16. I'm 24 weeks now, so no real excuses, except that it's been "go, go, go" with all 3 of you with our schedule.
Your 4th birthday has come and gone, but I had the opportunity a few days ago to interview you like last year.
Here's what you had to say this year:
Me: What's your favorite color?
Anna: Pink.
Me: What's your favorite thing to do?
Anna: Play with my friends at school.
Me: What do you like about Kieran?
Anna: Hugging him.
Me: What do you like about Tatum?
Anna: Playing with her.
What's your favorite food?
Anna: Nuggets (unfortunately, I had hoped this would change from your answers at 3, but that was a no go).
Me: Who's your favorite princess?
Anna: Sleeping Beauty (thought you might say Cinderella since that was the theme for your birthday party, but Sleeping Beauty is still your favorite gal).
What do you like best about being 4?
Playing in my heart.

Need I say more after that last answer? Mommy thinks it's quite profound.

Happy 4th Birthday, my love!

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  1. Oh my Kristin...I was doing just fine when I read your blog....finally a new one...but of course I know why! I was so excited to see a new one...and especially about Anna. I guessed most of her answers...but the one that got was the last one...and there are still tears in my eyes. One word "AMAZING" AND YES SO PROFOUND! I love you are the best but of course so is your Mommy...because she is my baby first! You are both in my heart!I l love YOU!


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