Sunday, May 13, 2012

{i am a mother}

I was born 34 years ago, to loving parents.
Fresh on my journey with many wonders to wonder, stories to unfold,
memories to ponder and mistakes to learn from.
Never would I know the same tears of joy, sense of accomplishment, level of frustration, degree of love, that my mother felt...
until I became one myself.
I am blessed to have found the man to share my love and life's journey with, the lives that we have created, are nothing short of amazing.
The gift of life is more magnificent than one could attempt to explain. The point at which our sweet babies that I carried for nine months take their first breath, have been the greatest gifts that God has ever given us.
The path that I've taken...
an infant, 
a little girl,
a teenager,
a young adult,
a wife...
they are all meaningful pieces of the puzzle that encompass who I am. 
It's not just today that I am thankful for my babies, Kieran, Anna, Tatum and our baby boy to arrive in October.
It's not just today that I honor the wonderful woman who gave me my first breath.
No, these are treasures that I appreciate with each waking day.
Today though, I stop to take a moment, a moment filled with strength, pride, love and awe.
I am a mother!

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  1. Oh Kristin! I am so very proud of you! Yes, indeed you are a Mother and such a grand one! It makes me so proud to say that you are my daughter and how blessed I am with such beautiful grandchildren. This is like a dream to me and I never want to wake up! I thank God everyday for you in my life.
    I love you! Mommy


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