Sunday, October 16, 2011

it's the everyday moments...

It's the everyday moments that count. Sure, the planned shots of my kids are wonderful, especially when they turn out the way that I like, but it's the everyday moments, you know, the ones that happen on their own. The ones that if you stop yourself, if you are quiet enough, you can catch a baby in all her glory.
If she were my first, I might be concerned that she was not yet crawling. Yes, I am awaiting this momentous occasion, but it's the very thought that my third and last baby is staying a baby just a little while longer. A little while for me to hold on to these moments...a little while for me to remember just how adorable she is as she scoots her way from room to room on her squishy little bottom.
It's the little moments like throwing the laundry all over the room that make me laugh, especially over the fact that I hired a house cleaner this past week. My sanity and time spent with the kids was far more important than working myself to the point of exhaustion, to the point of missing a moment like this because I was too busy with the rest of the house. 
A luxury, you might say? To many, yes. Certainly, I am blessed to be able to do such, yet I cut back in many other areas and in doing so, it gave me a moment...
an everyday moment.
I cannot get it back...
so I'll capture it the best way I know how.
One part with my camera (so she can see through my lens), 
one part with my written word (so she can take in what I was thinking),
and one part with my heart (a feeling that only I as her mother will ever know). 
It's the everyday moments, these are what I live for, and I refuse to miss out.
Stumble upon them...
take them...
feel them...
love them...
for they are the only things that truly matter in life.
It's the everyday moments, 
and I am grateful for every single one.


  1. Agreed it's those moments that are the most precious! If they could just stay little, a little while longer. (sigh)

  2. Well, this is my second comment to this blog. I wish I could remember exactly what I wrote because it was really good. Something like this..."I am so happy that you remember the little moments...I certainly remember them about you and your sister. Every moment with you and your sister was and is precious to me. I guess I taught you well. Well, I did not say the same thing as before because I don't quite remember but I like what I said this time too.! LOL!
    Love all the photos but especially the one by the door.
    I love you....Mommy :)


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