Friday, October 28, 2011

insta friday {crazy busy style}

It's been a can of crazy around here.
Crazy busy, that is. 
Starting with this past weekend and making sure Kieran and Erik were ready to go on their Adventure Guides YMCA trip with 11 other boys and dads. So proud of Erik "Rolling Rock" and Kieran "White Lightning!

Crazy busy cleaning up after Anna...
this week was makeup week:
"I look so pretty!", she says.

 Crazy busy with refinancing the house and then realizing that my license had expired...oops!
Next stop, 
the unhappiest place on Earth:

Crazy busy, but never too busy to capture a moment with my 3 precious littles in the morning before work:

 Never too busy to share in their excitement of getting their holiday of the month card along with their $2 bills from Grandma Great and Boompa:

Crazy busy between delivering Halloween Bug Juice to Anna's class (love her cute sparkly pumpkin she made!),

to meeting Kieran at his Halloween parade in between work!

 Crazy busy with having to swap cars so Erik could pick up some materials to start the drainage work under our house ("fun"!).
I drove this bad boy home today...
in 2nd gear. So proud of myself for not stalling, though I was sweating bullets by the time I got in the drive way, 5 very long minutes away!

I had to make sure to leave myself enough time from leaving school so that I could meet the carpet cleaner. Ahh...clean carpets

Crazy a good kind of way (well, minus the DMV, that is)!

life rearranged

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  1. Hi BAby! Just saw this one! You made me laugh! Just letting you know that you are amazing. Keeping your cool and enjoying life at the same time.
    That's the way to be. I am sooo proud of you! Love,


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