Monday, September 12, 2011

from blank to beautiful {Easy Canvas}

We've lived in our house now for close to 6 years, 5 of them as the homeowners. The wall in our entryway has been blank, in fact, we have quite a few of them, as I can never seem to commit to what I should display. That is, until Easy Canvas. How fantastic that Brendan from Easy Canvas provided the opportunity for me to finally display something on the wall, and my own photography, no less! 
I was filled with excitement as I saw the carefully packaged print and couldn't wait to open it because I knew that I was going to see this:
turn into this:
The whole process was so exciting! It was super easy to order from Easy Canvas. So easy, that I decided to go from the 11x14 that Brendan so graciously offered, to a 16x16!
There were a lot of different options, from the depth of canvas to choosing the picture to wrap around the edges. Ultimately, I decided to go with black edges to give the canvas a "framed" look.
Okay, I know what you're thinking, the canvas is still not yet on your wall! I know, I know! That's just me waiting for Erik, my handy husband, to hang it on the wall.
Though I'm working on a daily basis to improve my photography, I'm proud to place this image on canvas of my sweet Tatum. As a result of being able to review this product, which is great quality and very affordable, I will be ordering two prints, one of Kieran and one of Anna to grace my wall.  From blank, to beautiful!
Thank you Brendan and thank you Easy Canvas!
(Disclosure: I was given an 11x14 canvas, print of my choice, to review for Easy Canvas. While I upgraded to a 16x16 on my own, no other monetary compensation was received. All thoughts, images, and experiences are that of my own.) 

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