Wednesday, September 14, 2011

10 months

My sweet, sweet, Tatum,
this past weekend you turned 10 months old.
For the last two weeks, you have been clapping your hands, shake your head "no", and nod your head "yes". No crawling for you, you would rather sit up, watch the scene, and laugh big belly laughs.
You continue to sleep through the night and I think you may finally have two bottom teeth that are trying to show themselves. You're still working on that ever important pincer grasp, you'll get it soon, I know! I just cannot get over that the time is drawing closer and closer to when you will turn one. You are a grabby little girl, at everything (no sticker picture this month, you laughed hysterically when I was frustrated by you trying to tear it off!), and everyone. You are a snuggly, lovey, little baby and your mama and the rest of the family love you with all their heart and might!
All my love,

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  1. Oh sweet sweet Tatum! How you have grown so quickly! If only I could stop time for just a nano second and keep you tiny for just a little longer! This blog of course brought me tears of joy and laughter. Thank you Kristin for your beautiful photos and thoughts. I look forward to every time that you write! I am so blessed. I love you all...Mommy and Nonna Jean


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