Wednesday, August 17, 2011

and that was that {preschool...anna style}

She's been waiting for days, no weeks. seems as though she's been waiting for the last two years that her older brother has been in preschool. Last week, Anna officially became a preschooler. 
She happily informed me that she would not cry because she was going to have a great time with her teacher and all of her new friends. 
Armed with her Tinkerbell fairy lunch box purse (picked out by Daddy), and admiring every step of the way in her new pink sequin shoes, Anna marched right up to the gate ready to tackle her day.
The gate swung open and in she went. Anna cheerfully greeted the director and every teacher, along with the kids she'd never met before. We exchanged a kiss, and a wave goodbye. "Have a great day, Anna!", I said excitedly. "Okay, Mom!", she replied.
And that was that.
When I arrived to pick her up, she was in the arms of the kindergarten teacher chatting away. The teacher informed me that she would like to keep her and then proceeded to tell me about a snippet of Anna's day that goes a little something like this:
Anna is playing in the yard with the pretend kitchen items.
Anna picks up a soda.
Anna holds up the soda and pretends to drink.
Anna tells the kindergarten teacher, "I'm pretending to drink my mommy's wine". 
And that was that.


  1. Oh my Anna! If only all my three year olds at school were like you! Love the picture Mommy!

  2. Love it!! She is so feisty and love how you told the story of her day!
    Carol De La Mater


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