Tuesday, July 19, 2011

ten on tuesday:anniversary style

1. Erik and I got married 8 years ago, today.
2. We've been together since December 8, 1996...since we were 18.
3. I finally gave in to going on a date with him (on said date above)...my sister and friends set us up as Secret Santa's even though I said he was not my type!
4. I'm so glad I gave in...it lead to this happy day: 
5. My favorite part of the day was (other than getting married, of course) our band...so. much. fun!
6. Erik is my best friend. Though we can get into arguments just as any married couple, we always work it out, as best friends do. 
7. Erik makes me laugh...I love that he is a kid at heart!
8. I am thankful that together, and by the grace of God, we have 3 beautiful children.
9. Erik always says (jokingly, of course) that he is wiser because he's older. Ummm...by less than 3 months. That's okay, when he's 40, I'll be 39!
10. I can't imagine my life without this incredible man. The sacrifices that he makes are endless. The love that he has for me is still there after all these years, and it continues to grow. I am so very, very blessed!
I love you, Erik!
Happy Anniversary!


  1. Hi baby! I love what you wrote. You are so blessed to have Erik in your life and your three beautiful children. I am glad that you had that first date...and stayed together. You gave me three beautiful grandchildren..and for that I am so grateful but most of all I am grateful that you are so happy.
    I love you....Mommy

  2. Happy anniversary. You look beautiful and so happy in the photo. Hope you have many more happy years together.


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