Tuesday, August 3, 2010


If you are a baseball fan like my mother, then you know when I say, "Humm-baby!", I am referring to the San Francisco Giants. Born and raised in San Francisco, my mom is a die hard Giants fan. What you don't see hidden in her backpack, is the Giants baseball hat that Erik usually refuses to allow Kieran to wear :).
All of this was a momentous occasion as this was Kieran's 1st BART ride as well as his first ever, baseball game! How great is it that it was a Giants vs Dodgers game? This of course, was the only way that Erik would allow Kieran to go to his first game. He was certain that Nonna's team would lose and L.A. would win.
While there, we had so much fun! Kieran and Erik went down the slide (he couldn't go down the big one because he wasn't tall enough, but he was bummed and is definitely brave enough!)
And, much to my surprise, without a big production, Kieran even got to wear his Giants hat as he sat with Daddy in his Dodger blue :)
Of course, how could I leave out pictures of Kieran and Nonna? The Giants-wear just intensifies once we're in the park!

Nonna trained Kieran to say, "Beat L.A.!" Now all we have to do is get him a Giants sweatshirt and he's good to go!
It was a fantastic game, the Giants swept! Not only did Kieran get to run the kids bases,
He also got to run the REAL bases after the game!
And, proof that a brand new Giants fan (no, not me, I root for the Giants when I'm there, but I don't follow baseball so I don't qualify) and a lifelong Dodgers fan, really can get along :) :
(Kieran would be wearing his hat, but what baseball game would be a baseball game if you didn't have someone spill their beer all over your hat?!)

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, we have our own version of Humm-Baby.
What's this you ask?
And this?
This my friends, is only a fraction of what is actually taking place behind those ET zipper walls. This, all caused by a tiny crack in the water line to the fridge, that leaked while we were on vacation. Do yourself a favor and check the back of your fridge. If the water line is plastic tubing, RUN to Home Depot and buy the $25 kit to change it out to copper. Hmm...would have been nice for the fridge repairman to have told us this when he installed it 4 years ago!

 A couple of weeks ago, I was reading Rage Against the Minivan, thinking, how awful to have your house in shambles due to water damage! Behind this containment is a kitchen that is no longer in working order. A kitchen, that was just remodeled 2 years ago. Behind this containment, is our tile floor ripped out to the subfloor. It will have to be ripped out through the entire house. The solid hardwood floor that was installed nail by nail by my dad and my husband? Gone. There are dryers and dehumidifiers (who knew that I'd one day have to call on my cousin Johnny to come to my house for restoration after all of his stories? Thank goodness for awesome cousins!) that run all day, and all night.
They hum.


  1. First of all...your house. I want to cry for you! I hope the insurance covers it...so sorry you are going through this!
    Secondly, yay for the Giants sweeping the Dodgers! Sorry to hear Erik is a Dodgers fan...that explains a lot ;) Go Giants!

  2. That picture of Kieran and his Nonna is priceless.

    What a fun day at the ball park - his first game ever! Congrats to Kieran.

    So sorry about the damage and repairs - the thing that pulled at my heartstrings is when you said the stuff your husband and father did was now gone. Ouch. My father and grandfather built all kinds of things on a house. Repaired everything. Did everything. On the other side of the family, my great-grandfather built the house my grandfather and mom grew up in - Grandpa eventually sold it because it was too much for him to keep up!!!

    I can relate to the loss of their handiwork and I feel for you!

    Good luck with all those repairs. Hopefully they can rebuild and you'll have new things to point out that they've done - adding your cousin to the mix!


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