Monday, March 8, 2010

spring, where are you?

Okay, she's not really crying because it's not Spring, it's just a temper tantrum. I'm trying to wait patiently, I know the rain is good, but I am longing for the warm sunshine on my back. I am itching to be outside planting flowers. I want more days like this:
but without long pants and jackets.
Spring, where are you? I am SO ready.


  1. Spring is my favorite time of year! Hope it comes your way very soon! :)

  2. I could not agree more - where are you spring?!! I have one small pile of snow at the end of my drive, so I should be thankful for that!

    But I feel like crying like your daughter!

  3. If you find spring, send it further to us too! We haven't had sun within so many days, instead we got even more snow :((( My mind really could use some sun :D

  4. I feel like your daughter! It's rained for 2 days straight here. I found you on MBN. You have a new follower!


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