Saturday, March 20, 2010

me too!

I remember the days fondly, the days of "me too". "What's your favorite color, Jennifer?", someone would ask. She'd reply, "purple!". I'd reply, "me too!". If you look at old photos, there was my sister, decked out in purple from head to toe. Me too. Anything my sister did, I was right there. She put up with me, more than one can imagine, and yet we are each other's best friend. This is my relationship with my sister. I know no different. I wonder, what is it like for a brother and sister? I can only watch and learn from the two little people I call my son and my daughter.
I imagine that their bond is different for the obvious reason of opposite genders, but I do know it is a bond that splits at the seams. From the day that Anna was born, Kieran has loved his Anna. He showered her with kisses and love, and the jealousy that I feared was all but a fear and did not even exist. Fast forward to present day and I can tell you they have their moments, but what siblings don't? These two share something special and my prayer for them is that it will remain. Every morning, they greet one another with a hug, "good morning", and a kiss. If he runs, she runs. If he jumps, she jumps. Beyond being his shadow, Kieran welcomes his little sister. He'll invite her to play, and of course, she gladly accepts. It isn't time for bed, unless they have said good night to each other. I know that times will change. I know that because even my sister, my very best friend, was not at all pleased when I jumped out of the closet after listening to her entire phone conversation when she was in junior high. Yes, times will change, and then they'll change again. So, I gladly watch the days of "me too" with great affection as it reminds me of the memories that I've shared with my sister, and the memories that are yet to be shared between a new generation. 

"Anna, come here, come watch Transformers with me!", he yells. "Okay, Kieran, here I come, I'll come watch Transformers with you!" "Me too", I think. Me too.


  1. Sibling relationships can be special.

  2. I miss you! Can't wait to see you this weekend!

  3. What adorable pictures! Kind of makes me want to give my little guy a sibling...

  4. My favortie photo is the last one! I need that photo blown up on my wall! Please! that is what life is all about!


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