Tuesday, December 1, 2009

thanks, mickey!

Saturday to Saturday, that's a loooong time to be away from home, but it was a trip that I will forever be so thankful for! We enjoyed our stay at the Red Lion in Anaheim (can't beat $55 on Priceline!) It's nothing fancy shmancy or anything, but it's clean, updated and only a 10 minute walk (which we enjoyed after eating too many sweets!).  And, it beats out the Quality Inn and Suites (which does not even deserve a link...don't go there...ever). I cannot even believe we stayed there last year. Put it this way, I would rather go camping and sleep without a mat on the ground, than stay there EVER again.
We had an absolutely fantastic time! And while there are entirely too many photos to post, I've picked some of my favorites, which is still a big fat photo dump, but it was oh, so much fun!

Eating lunch at California Adventure

Posing with Mater and Lighting McQueen (the only "characters" we have photos with, because Anna was generally asleep, and Kieran is still afraid of taking pictures with any characters without me-that, and he'd rather ride the rides! Can you blame him?)

One of many photos of Anna catching some zzzs

Waiting for Daddy to come back with a fast pass. Love this picture of us, because it's us, but I look I am in serious need of some eye work! Not that I would do that, I'm just sayin'...

Playing with jet #2 in Disneyland...jet #1 broke within 5 minutes...sadly, jet #2 came home with no top wings!

No, he didn't want to take a picture with the "C" in California, that's right, the letter with Mickey and Goofey with Christmas lights...he wanted to take a picture with the "A". A for Anna?

End of the night, after the Toy Story parade

We had a date night (thanks to my mother-in-law), and ate dinner "on the water" at the Blue Bayou in Pirates! The food was great, and spending the evening with my bestest friend ever, was even greater!

Love the castle at Christmas time! We were at dinner for the fireworks so we didn't see them, and the next night it was too windy, so they were cancelled :(

Waiting in line for the Haunted Mansion

Eating lunch at the Golden Horseshoe...I didn't want to go, but Erik convinced me, and it was actually fun! Kieran and Anna had a great time!

Eating a Mickey ice cream in New Orleans Square. Kieran was rocking out to the Princess and the Frog parade. Grandma told him it was a parade just for him, and he truly believed it! We saw it the next day at lunch, and I told him the same thing again, and he bought it...too funny!

Tarzan's tree house (formerly Swiss Family Robinson, but no little kid, probably even teenager, knows what that is anymore, boy, do I feel old!). Kieran could have stayed in there all day!


Small World, Anna's favorite!

Riding the train around Disneyland

Self portrait(s) on the train :)

Heimlich's Chew-Chew Train @ California Adventure

Ladybug "tea cups" with Minnie-those were too fast for all of us! Can you say, dizzy?

Flick's Fliers, Anna had so much fun!

The very last part of the trip, and the MOST fun for Anna. She absolutely loved this!

We have great footage of when she first got wet-I'll post that on Wednesday, a la Wordless Wednesday :), along with the pictures from the rides and our family picture just inside the entrance at Disneyland.

Glad we had a change of clothes :)

Got a MUCH better parting shot on my iPhone...
What you don't see (and though I do have a lot of pictures, I can't figure out why I don't have more of each of the rides that we went on), is all the "big kid" rides that Kieran got to go on, TWICE!
Just standing in at 40 inches tall, Kieran P. has arrived! He went on Splash, Space, and Big Thunder Mountains! He also rode Soarin' Over California! I thought he had gone into shock on Space Mountain. "Kieran, that was awesome! What did you think?", I asked. "That was awesome! What did you think?" he exclaims. "High five, mom!", as he slaps my hand.
That is a memory I will never forget. 
Though we saw Mickey and Minnie from afar, Anna got her first pair of pink Minnie ears, accompanied by her name in the old school writing in hot pink, of course :) It looks great in her room. 
We can't wait to go again, especially since we bought annual passes. I have so many wonderful things to be thankful for, and had the BEST time with my family!
Thanks, Mickey!

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  1. Wow! on this one. I felt like I was at Disneyland. I am even a little jealous that I wasn't there. thanks for sharing the memories. It's my turn next, Please!!!!!!!!!!! My favorite picture is the one with the Kieran in the letter A. He loves his sister sooo much! See you next time in Disneyland!


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