Tuesday, December 1, 2015

oops! there went november {happy 5th birthday, dear tatum}

My mom asked me the other day if I had blogged Tatum's birthday. I've posted few and far between this last year, I actually wrote more when I was working! 
I had to actually look at my blog because I thought surely I had posted at least once last month.
Oops! Nothing. There went November! A lot of birthdays happen for us in November-my mother-in-law, Tatum, my sister-in-law, my father-in-law and Erik! That's enough to wear a person out just thinking about it! 
I am so grateful to each and every one of them, more than they know.
Happy November Birthday's Family, I love you!
And to make sure that I officially stamp Tatum's 5th birthday in time, I'm writing about it now. Her birth story is magical to me to this day. I have all 4 children to create a baby book for, so this is my temporary place holder. Time to print my past blogs, too!

Tatum's Favorite Color: Bright Blue
Tatum's Favorite Food: Pizza
Tatum's Favorite Things to Play: Baby Dolls
What I'm Most Excited About Turning 5: Because I am excited to go to Disneyland with Daddy because I'm finally tall enough.
What I Love: My stuffed animals, Anna, Kieran, Daddy, Murray, Liam and you (certainly not in this order. ;)).
Tatum's Favorite Holiday: Halloween. (Me: Halloween, really? Tatum: Okay, Christmas. Me: That's more like it.)
Tatum's Favorite Flower: Sunflower.
Tatum's Favorite Thing to do at School: Play with my friends and do choice time.
Any other Favorites? I like to visit Weezie and play at Charlie and Lily's house. (Our daycare provider and her grandchildren).

And, this has become one of MY fast favorites:

We had our family pictures taken for the very first time by my high school classmate and wonderfully talented friend, Courtney. She and her husband are true artists! Our family photos each year are taken by me with our remote shutter, so it was extremely special to me to have them professionally done and by a friend!

Happy Birthday, Sweet Tatum. 5 years old and still so small (3rd percentile for height and 8th for weight), but a heart larger than life.
Thank you for blessing me with all that you are, my special girl. 
I will always give you "all of the kisses" and take yours, too.


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  1. Happy Birthday Tatum! Nonna loves you. You are my peanut but you have a might big heart. Your great Grandfather Nonno Ernie and Nonno both were born in November along with your cousin Gina. So yes, great people were born in this month!


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