Sunday, October 4, 2015

three {happy birthday, dear liam}

Dearest Liam,
Today we celebrated your 3rd birthday. 
It was a very small party, but you didn't care. 
You were just happy as you are each day you wake.

Each morning, the sun greets us. While there may be people in the world who do not realize this miracle, you meet each day with complete and utter gratitude.
Each morning, you wake and I hear the chitter-chatter to yourself (and most recently, to Spiderman). 

Then, ever so quietly, the door cracks open and you peer out, you open the door and then you come running into my arms. 
"Good morning, Mommy!", you shout. 
You give me a hug and a kiss and you are off to start the rest of your routine.

I'm often rushed. Rushed for time. Rushed to go from one place to the next. Rushed to get everything done. And then there's you, all 37 pounds in the 91 percentile of you!
You remind me what it means to give thanks, be it a birthday party or the rise of the morning sun.
Each day is a precious one, no matter how big or how small.
There are bumps in the road, uncertainties in our lives, trying times and though you don't understand at just three years of age what these times are like, I feel it in my heart that when you do, you will face them with grace.
Liam-guardian and protector, Erik-honorable, eternal ruler.
See, you really are a real life Spiderman!

Recently, I watched an interview by the former President and Jesuit priest of the University that your nonno, daddy, aunt, uncle and I attended. In his interview he reminded us that, "we all have to find hope somewhere". You, my sweet Liam are part of that hope. 
You teach me in ways that I never knew imaginable.

Thank you for helping me to pause, reminding me to slow down, and teaching me, and all who know you that life is a gift and truly...
a celebration!

Happy Birthday, sweet boy!

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