Thursday, May 28, 2015

we're in trouble

We're in trouble.
You can see it by the pose.
The pose that was not contrived, the pose that came to her naturally. 

The first word that comes to your mind, don't worry, it comes to my mind, too, and far too often. 
There are times where she may say something that kills me to my core. She is so extroverted that she is thinking she's being funny and me the "in between", the  introextrovert (is there such a thing?) is dying inside when it comes across as "snotty", but not intended on her part. 
I can talk to anyone, make great conversation, but she's the kind that lights up the room.
She's also the kind that presses my buttons and I'm often left with, "how could I have said this better?", "how could I have taught her differently?", "how can I be a better example?". 
She's got sass and I can't say that I don't love this picture.
She has a zest for life and she's got big feelings. I mean, big, BIG, feelings.
I have to be careful. I need to reign her in sometimes. 
She has a heart of gold toward everyone in public, but with her siblings and family she can sling it with the best of them. She learned from school in a Soul Shoppe class about "I messages". 
Though I might be "retired" from my school counselor position, once a school counselor, always a school counselor. I am so very, very, proud that with her big feelings, comes big listening. She loves Soul Shoppe at school. I taught "I messages" to all my students, even my teachers that had difficulty with some of their own peers. 
I feel...
when you..
and I would like it if...
It can feel boxed, but it's sometimes what we need to fully express ourselves in a meaningful and to the point way. 
She came home and told me all about the "I message", and I couldn't have been more proud.
I need to use this with her for myself. 
She's challenging, but I love every ounce of her.
And, we're only in trouble if we don't communicate with her. 
She's the one that God gave us to keep us on our toes.
She's amazing.
Bring it.

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  1. I love you Anna. You are special and just like your Mama!


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