Sunday, March 22, 2015


I haven't posted since December...
I've not picked up my camera since January.
Not since this...
I have forgotten just how much I've missed.
Not to say I haven't been in the moment, not to say that I can't steal these moments with my iphone, not to say that I must be behind a shutter every minute of every day.
There's certainly a time and a place.
Sometimes, taking no pictures at all is a gift!
That said,
I have a deep love for capturing life through my lens.
Not necessarily for anyone else, but for me and my family.
I need to print my photographs once and for all! What good are they stored captive on my computer? They are much better off gracing the walls of my home. I've talked about it, I've said it before and I haven't followed through.
It's time.
Capturing LIFE.
I miss it.
I crave it.
I had forgotten just how much.

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