Thursday, September 25, 2014

saying goodbye is never easy, even to those with fur

This morning, Kieran hand fed Dreyfuss his kale and a few carrots. We had some extra time and he made sure that he ate everything before we left. 
Dreyfuss has not gotten out of his cage during the day very often since we brought home Murray, but he's been sneaking  some hops in at night when Murray is in his crate and covered for the night. 
Tonight, he had come out, and my sweet Tatum was sitting next to him while he let her pet him. She played with him ever so sweetly.
I grabbed my phone from upstairs to take a picture of the two of them, but by the time I came back down, the photo op was gone as he had hopped away, but it's still in my heart. Then, we all went upstairs to do baths, book and bed.
Every one of my babies has come home to Dreyfuss when they were born. I have pictures with each of them with him, there's just too many tears to find them right now.
A Holland Lop, the movie Mr. Holland's Opus, Mr. Holland played by Richard Dreyfuss...Dreyfuss.
Saying goodbye is never easy, but my sweet furry friend who has given us unconditional love for 13 years (yes, a 13 year old rabbit) went quietly in his sleep this evening after the kids had played with him and gone to bed.
He wasn't sick at all, he just lived an amazing rabbit life...
and I'm missing him so dearly, already.

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  1. I loved him dearly Kristin. I know it's crazy to love a rabbit so much...but I think it is his unconditional love that he brought us all that will live on in us. God knew what he was doing when he made pets..especially furry ones like Dreyfuss. He was one of a kind. Thanks for sharing him with me. I told Diane that we would win the Giants game for him tonight....and they won. Here's one for the one for the Rabbit..the best bunny in the world!


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