Wednesday, January 22, 2014

God, give me strength

Dear God,
Please give me strength, 
to take things in stride,
when he has charged lunch to his meal card for a negative balance,
when he says the crows ate his lunch,
when he's tied his shoe laces to the chair.
Please give me strength, 
to be calm,
when he leaves the toilet seat up,
when he's written on his hands,
when he's used all the duct tape to make a sword.
Please give me strength to teach him about my faith,
even when he sighs for having to go to faith formation, 
he will grow to know you and understand.
Please give me strength,
to maintain my sanity and composure,
it can be quite the challenge,
especially during homework time.
Please give me strength,
to be the parent I want to be,
to be the parent that he needs in me.
Please give me strength to not sweat the small stuff and know the right words when it's the big stuff.
Please give me strength to be a pillar for my little boy.
And, if I've lost my way,
please give me strength to remember that each day is new, I can do better than the last.
It's hard sometimes, this thing we call parenting, but then, you know that.
I know that.
This boy of mine, he is uniquely created, a precious, loving soul.
Give me strength,
to teach,
to learn,
to forgive,
to grow.
And though I pray for strength,
I need not ask for it to love,
I have a lifetime's worth and more.
Dear Kieran,
If strength were measured by love, then mine for you is off the charts.
Know this always, even when strength is what I'm seeking from God.


  1. Oh my Kristin. You are so wise. You are doing your best and that is all you can ask of yourself. You are doing a fine job. Never doubt yourself. God knows that you are doing a good job. And so does Kieran.Trust in yourself! I know God does and so do I. I love you so much and I love my sweet Kieran ever so much. You guys are a great duo!


It's a beautiful noise-And it's a sound that I love- And it makes me feel good-Like a hand in a glove -Yes it does, yes it does-What a beautiful noise

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