Friday, October 25, 2013

do what weezie says... {a baby boy and his rabbit}

Someone left Dreyfuss' cage open, along with the baby gate.
I could have freaked out.
I could have let the fact that I was completely grossed out take over the moment.
Or, I could do what Weezie (my daycare provider/kids 3rd "grandma") says and quickly grab the camera.
So I did.
"Why wouldn't I crawl in and hang out with Dreyfuss?", the baby boy asked.
"You should really try this some time, it's kinda fun!", exclaimed the baby boy.
"I love this kid, but I'm making my escape while I can!", shouted the rabbit.
 "Hey, where are you going?", wondered the baby boy.
And with that, the baby boy followed his furry four legged, thirteen year old rabbit friend out of the cage. 
Meanwhile, their mama learned that life's moments may not always be clean,
but they are a click away from missing.  
This one,
was priceless.

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  1. Oh Kristin! This is priceless! This is what life is all about! Going with the flow! This is the best birthday present I could ever want! I love you Liam!


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