Sunday, June 16, 2013

you need to know {father's day 2013}

Dear Erik,
This Father's Day, more than any other, 
you need to know so many things.
I think of these things daily and I know that I don't say them enough.
So, it's important to me to write it-when you're having a rough day and need a pick me up, 
I hope this will be least for a moment.
You need to know that I never dreamed that a date at Giorgio's would have led to a marriage and four beautiful children.
You need to know that your love and sacrifice for our family is immeasurable. 
You need to know that Kieran, Anna, Tatum and Liam think that you are the bees knees, even when they are constantly calling for me. As soon as you are out the door, they are asking for you!
You need to know that you don't give yourself enough credit for being a great dad.
You need to know that even though you think it's silly I have to take a picture of everything, that these four sweet babies will not be little forever and you will cherish this when we are old.
You need to know that I cannot imagine my life without you and I am so blessed that you are my best friend, my love for life and father to four little hearts that we created.
And, I know you know...
that you
are so very, very, loved.

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  1. So beautifully said! Your photo speaks a thousand words! I am so proud of you baby! How did you get everybody looking?


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