Sunday, September 9, 2012

first day of first grade

I've avoided the inevitable...
perhaps if I didn't actually sit down to write about the fact that Kieran has entered first grade, my denial would last just a bit more. 
It's time, however, and I cannot put it off any longer. 
Any longer and the first day of first grade will have long since gone. 
Any longer and I'd miss the opportunity to be writing about the last few weeks of this fourth and final pregnancy (something that I have done very little, if at all, mostly because I've been busy running after three others). 
We are officially,
and I say we since I've been back to work (school) since August 10, Kieran started first grade two weeks ago, and Anna started her second year of preschool this past week.
Tatum happily joins in on the fun of saying goodbye at two different schools to her siblings. In just three short weeks, she'll not only be saying goodbye to Kieran and Anna as they go to school each day,
she'll be saying hello to her new baby brother. Two of each, it still amazes me that this will be our new "normal", and I'm looking forward to every waking moment.
My first baby boy, will forever be my baby.
 His journey through Kindergarten had it's ups and downs, and ultimately ended with a transformation that I'm still very proud of to this day.
The summer flew by, mainly filled with daily swim practice and weekend meets, but were also filled with lazy days of sleeping in, eating waffles and just plain enjoying each other's company.
Feeling as though the hands of time have been on fast forward,
my sweet Kieran somehow transitioned from a tiny baby in my arms, to a Vans-wearing first grader.
They had to be high tops, and he had to wear them on the very first day. The novelty not yet worn off even after week two, we put them on and his smile widens when he gets to wear them with his fresh new school clothes.
He's used to me taking pictures and very willingly obliges as the tears threaten to seep into my view finder.
Finally able to use the matching backpack that went with his lunch box from last year (they don't allow them in Kinder),
he eagerly placed it on the hook and was ready to start 
his first day.
A hug and a kiss goodbye of his asking (oh, how I'll take that for as long as I can),
off he went into his classroom, and off I went camera in hand, tears down my face, to begin my eleventh year as a school counselor.
I love my job, but all I wanted that day was to wear my "mommy hat" and never let him go.
Thankfully, the first day of school is always a half-day. 
The first day of first grade ended with a full conversation,
and a smile so beautiful, 
that could only leave my heart bursting with joy.
He loves his new teacher, Mrs. B., is excited to have some good friends from his Kindergarten class with him again, and is eager to make new ones as well. 
Yes indeed, my boy is growing up...
but as one of my favorite books my mom used to read to me, Love You Forever, goes...
"I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always, always forever, my baby you'll be."
And that, 
is so very,

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  1. will always my baby! I remember your first day of Kindergarten like yesterday. Where did the time go..and now you will have 4 babies. Imagine that. I am so proud of Kieran and so looking forward to Liam. This was one of your betters. Oh my goodness! They are all good! And of course I am crying...tears of sadness and of joy mostly....for time seems to go too fast for me. I love you! Mommy


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