Friday, July 6, 2012

fourth of july, 2012

The fourth of july has come and gone. 
We enjoyed our hometown parade,

along with a visit from Grandma,

and spending time with Nonna and Nonno (who for some reason escaped the pictures this year),
in what I consider my true hometown.
We spent time in both because we do not have fireworks in ours,
and it's a MUST in my book!
Always my little model,
Anna loves everything about the fourth of July.
I managed to get a shot of all 3, completely at random,
and a shot of me (we missed Erik, he had to work!)
 and our growing family.
I'd love to freeze each of them in time as they are now...
and if by preserving them in photographs is the closest I'll come,
I'll be glad that I had these moments to look back and treasure.

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