Friday, November 11, 2011

1 on 11/11/11

Dearest Tatum Frances,
The hands of time, how they move ever so quickly...

 from the very second that you took your first breath...
to the very minute that I held you in my arms.
You were loved at the minute that we knew that you existed and when you arrived one year ago today,
{photos courtesy of Melissa:Mel@the Larson Lingo}
it was as if you had always been here.
The hands of time, they tick away, whether I like it or not. 
Each month, I have celebrated your milestones and the little person that you have become.
You are quite possibly one of the happiest babies I have ever known and that is saying a great deal as your brother and sister were incredibly happy as well. 
I cannot fathom what life would have been like without you?
You are amazing, you are so special to your daddy, brother and sister and me.
You belong.
Excuse the fact that I took your 11 month old pictures yesterday. Make no mistake that just because you are third in line, does not mean I will cheat you in any way. 
You are uniquely you and that is what makes you so wonderful.
No matter that you have never crawled like most babies do...
you scoot around wherever you want to go and get around just fine.
Asked how big you are, you are quick to respond...
along with clapping, blowing a kiss, touching your head, saying oh-oh, quack quack, and waving bye bye. You go through your list of "tricks" every time!
At eleven months, you were done with baby food and like to use a fork. You let us know when you are finished by signing "all done" and now say it. You bounce like crazy in your jumper (just like your brother), and you laugh like crazy with your sister.
We're pretty sure that you say "Daddy" and "Mama" and we're now working on "Love You".  
God is good. He blesses us in so many ways. 
We are forever grateful for the little girl that we have in you, Tatum Frances.
You will be too little to remember but what a fabulous day to celebrate being
1 on 11/11/11. 
That's pretty lucky if you ask me.


  1. Oh myyyy that second photo is BREATH TAKING! So much emotion! Happy Birthday to your sweet baby girl!

  2. I love you Tatum Frances. Oh Kristin! It just seems like yesterday. I am so proud. Beautiful photos...of my beautiful sweet grand daughter. I love you both soooo much. Mommy...Nonna Jean!


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