Friday, June 17, 2011

7 months

7 months have gone by...
7 glorious months.
You had your 6 month appointment at the half mark and weighed 17 lb 10 oz. You are wonderfully chunky, yet still smaller than your brother or sister when they were your age...hard to believe, I know!
You are in the 85%ile for height and 75%ile for weight. 
You have not met any baby food you don't like. I try to make it myself most of the time, as I did with Kieran and Anna. 
You finally rolled over, and you are so proud of yourself, as are we!
You continue to bring such happiness to our hearts with your never ending smiles and your constant giggles.
You have yet to sit up unassisted, but with practice, I know you'll do it! You are so busy chatting away...mamama, bababa, dadada...
and taking the world in.
7 glorious months have gone by and our lives are better...
because of you, sweet Tatum.

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