Monday, January 24, 2011

i see this...

I see this...
and I can't help but feel happiness as it transfers from my eyes to my heart. I can't help but want to take their happiness and bottle it up in a jar, to hold on to it, treasure it, savor it. This, is the image of an almost 5 year old little boy, a kid, and an almost 60 year old grandmother. 
My son, my mother.
This, is the kind of happiness that is born into this world, and never leaves.
A kid, and a kid at heart. 
They share this special bond, as it was imprinted on their souls the day they were born. 
Ever met anyone like that before?
These two, they got the memo.

I see this...
and I can't help but feel care-free. The kind that I'm certain that if I remembered, I would have felt when I was this age, when I was almost 3. It didn't matter what time it was, I didn't have any deadlines, or pressing matters.
She just hits the ground running, takes in the glorious sunshine, 
and smiles.
My daughter, care-free.

I see this...
and I think the world would be a less happier place if it weren't for ice cream.

I see this...
and wonder what she's thinking, it must be very important.

I see this...
and I think to myself, life is an amazing miracle, isn't it?

I see this...
and I think to myself, how proud I am to be his mother.

I see this...
and I feel blessed. 
Thank you, God.
Life is good.


  1. Fabulous. It made me happy just looking at it. Your mom is young enough to be your sister... wow!


It's a beautiful noise-And it's a sound that I love- And it makes me feel good-Like a hand in a glove -Yes it does, yes it does-What a beautiful noise

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